Accounting & Internal Controls


  1. Outsourcing of complete accounting (India or worldwide) (Tally, Zoho, Quickbooks, Oracle)
  2. Periodic Book closure
  3. Finalization and documentation
  4. Incorporation and implementation of accounting system, policies, and procedures
  5. Digital transformation of accounting systems

Accounting Health Check

  1. Accounting health check is an overall review of the company's accounting and internal controls, practices and policies, identification of gaps and means to overcome them.
  2. Periodic Review of Financial ratios and trend analysis, Payables, Receivables
  3. Cash flow analysis
  4. Profit margin analysis
  5. Transaction advisory

Review of Internal Controls

  1. Implementing controls
  2. Reporting and segregation of duties
  3. Setting up of SOPs and process streamlining

Financial Planning and Analysis

Strategic Planning - Finance

  1. Budgeting and forecasting
  2. Financial modelling
  3. Assistance in business planning
  4. Identifying milestones and targets
  5. Contingency planning, resource optimization and requirements
  6. Operations review and efficiency analysis
  7. Curated planning and guidance in all aspects related to raising of debt or equity like when should one raise funds and how much should be raised.
  8. Exit strategy planning
  9. Succession planning

Financial Transaction Advisory

  1. Advisory on transactions and taxation
  2. Support for fund raising, mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  3. Due diligence and Valuation Services

Financial Dashboards

  1. Design and provision of customized dashboards
  2. Detailed analytics to provide values most appropriate for the business
  3. Specialized support for investor meetings and associated preparation
  4. Designing an MIS, KPIs to monitor and track
  5. Delivering reports as per IFRS, Indian GAAP, US GAAP standards
  6. Bring predictive monitoring and alerts in case of anomalies or event trends
  7. Pinpointing problem areas and highlighting trends along with solutions

Fund Raising - Debt

  1. Debt planning
  2. Loan structuring and assistance in bank working capital and Term loans
  3. Project report preparation in bank loans
  4. Preparation of CMA report

Legal, Regulatory and Compliance

Corporate Secretarial Compliance

  1. All ROC filings and secretarial compliances
  2. Company Incorporation
  3. Obtaining DIN
  4. Company Annual Return Filing
  5. Creation / removal of charge
  6. Maintenance of Statutory Records
  7. Assistance in Change of Name, Objects, Registered office
  8. Issuing/allotment/transfer of company shares
  9. Change in bank signatories
  10. Change in authorized capital

FEMA & RBI Compliance

  1. Filings and compliances
  2. Certifications
  3. FEMA advisory

Labor Laws Compliance

  1. Filings of ESI, PF, Professional tax
  2. Record maintenance and form filings
  3. Salary structuring as per relevant and applicable laws

Legal Services

  1. Document Drafting and Support (wills, agreements, deeds)
  2. Arbitration Services
  3. Dispute Advisory services
  4. Litigation Services in Income Tax, GST and Other Indirect Taxes

Domestic Taxation

  1. Tax Filings
  2. Tax Advisory
  3. TDS Filings
  4. Advance tax Estimations
  5. Tax filing and investment advisory for NRIs

International Taxation

  1. TP Study
  2. TP advisory


  1. Registration, amendments and cancellation
  2. Monthly filing of returns
  3. Annual returns and reconciliations
  4. Opinion and litigation
  5. Assessment and appeals
  6. Refunds and certifications

Drafting and Registration Services

  1. Registration of will
  2. Trust registration
  3. Society registration
  4. Section 8 company registration
  5. FCRA registration
  6. 80G and 12 A registration
  7. 12AA registration

CFO Services

Highly specialized and customized service tailored to specific customer needs

  1. Virtual CFO
  2. Fractional CFO
  3. Special purpose/special projects CFO

Data Analysis

  1. Understand business operations and bring the best KPIs and solutions
  2. Design dashboards and visual tools
  3. Build data pipelines and MIS systems
  4. Data validation solutions
  5. Intelligently aggregate and segregate data
  6. Deliver predictions and forecasts

Digital Solutions

  1. Establish a digital footprint (web, social media presence for the brand, founder profiles on Linkedin etc)
  2. Enable workforce digital adoption (Cloud accounting tools, Office 365 etc)
  3. Streamline operations and unlock value with digital inculcation. (Digital and physical controls, record keeping)
  4. Enhance experience and value at all touchpoints - customer, workforce, operations, management and environment (Listening posts and feedback, mastering customer relationships in a digital era etc)
  5. Helping with document and record management, digitization of records
  6. Redesigning the business function based on best practices, reimagining how data is generated, collected, stored, analysed and used across various touchpoints
  7. Helping in adopting and embracing technology changes, bringing an agile mindset, optimising value and improving the competitive advantage
  8. Data Security

Business Advisory

  1. Business Analysis and Organizational Assessments
  2. Study and streamline operations by Implementing Systems and Processes
  3. Improving Vendor, Stock and Customer Management
  4. Improving productivity and performance
  5. Overall Risk analysis

Payroll Services

  1. Payroll processing and maintenance
  2. Salary structuring
  3. Calculation of deductions and bonuses
  4. Investment and taxation advisory
  5. Employee reimbursements
  6. International payroll outsourcing

Outsourcing Services

  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping
  2. Payroll processing
  3. Compliance - Labour, Corporate, Taxation and FEMA/RBI related
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Management reporting

Startup Services

  1. Company Incorporation
  2. Preparation of Pitch deck and Business Plan
  3. Business Valuation
  4. Accounting & Compliance Management
  5. Assistance in Fund Raise

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