Business Process Advisory

Our intent and implementation expertise lies in making organizations more flexible and agile in response to a constantly changing world. In an age of transformative change where assumptions get challenged every day, we help make sense and streamline an organization to be future ready.

What we do as part of the business process advisory for SMEs and startups?

  1. Business analysis and organizational assessments
  2. Study and streamline operations
  3. Agile process implementation in combination with lean as necessary
  4. Kaizen techniques
  5. Lean and six sigma principles
  6. Risk analysis
  7. Change management to drive transformational and sustainable change.
  8. Accountability and visual controls
  9. Leadership structure & management, empowerment, goal setting
  10. Customer handling, perception management, process stability and delivery

We help visualise the current state and identify the waste and improvement opportunities across the end-to-end value creation process for both information and material/service flow. In every stage, there is data gathering, analysis, feedback loops and measurement to understand and demonstrate the impact. Optimization can also take place across a series of extended workshops to enable positivity, buy-in and perception change across all aspects including but not limited to dimensions of schedule, cost, quality, metrics, delivery, risk and morale.

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