Compliance & Legal Advisory

The compliance and regulatory landscape is constantly evolving and every stage of the business lifecycle will have a touchpoint. Our compliance management, advisory, secretarial, and business support services include all aspects of IT, GST, PF & ESI, FEMA and any other direct or indirect taxation requirements, as appropriate in India.

What we do as part of the compliance process advisory and implementation for SMEs and startups?

  1. Direct taxation compliance ( IT, TDS International Taxation)
  2. Indirect taxation compliance (GST)
  3. Secretarial compliance (ROC, FEMA, RBI)
  4. Labour compliance (ESI, EPF)
  5. Handling notices and responding to them as appropriate.
  6. Support in assessments and litigation
  7. Advance rulings
  8. Refunds and certifications

With a precisely designed compliance management policy, there is constant feedback and reporting while any critical non-compliances are nipped in the bud.

We help identify the legal and regulatory compliance requirements, implement processes and procedures and bring checks and balances to each activity. Whether it is business agreements, terms and policies or anything in between, our seasoned professionals are out to ensure that your best interests are always safeguarded.

Businesses evolve and need constant adjustment in structure to unlock potential and synergy. We are there every step of the way, be it succession planning, mergers, acquisitions, corporate structure relook or anything else and can provide comprehensive insight and analysis from a 360⁰ perspective because of our interdisciplinary teams.

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