Financial & Accounting Advisory

An expert financial and accounting voice gives high confidence to all stakeholders. It brings about a clearer understanding of nuances in any circumstance right from financial reporting processes, adherence to accounting standards and strong internal controls, through to support with fund raising processes. As that expert voice, we help you make sense of complexity, lend a hand with the implementation, and ultimately fuel your progress.

Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Financial modelling
  • Assistance in business planning
  • Identifying milestones and targets
  • Contingency planning, resource optimization and requirements
  • Succession planning
  • Operations review and efficiency analysis

Financial Transaction Advisory

Financial transaction advisory includes

  • Transaction Advisory
  • Support for fund raising – debt or equity
  • Due diligence

Financial Dashboards

Get an up-to-date pulse of the business and operations with our intuitive financial dashboards. Services include

  • Design and provision of customized dashboards
  • Detailed analytics to provide values most appropriate for the business
  • Specialized support for investor meetings and associated preparation
  • Designing an MIS, KPIs to monitor and track
  • Bring predictive monitoring and alerts in case of anomalies or event trends

Some sample reports include

  • Profitability analysis by business vertical
  • Receivables and payables analysis
  • Margins and revenue calculations and analysis
  • Trend analysis of various parameters
  • Analysis of different ratios
  • Analysis of working capital
  • Analysis of balance sheet
  • Analysis of cash flow
  • Analysis of Budgets vs actuals
  • Periodic reports per requirements of investors or other authorities

Financial Operational Support

  • Managing Payroll
  • Vendor Management – Accounts Payable/Receivable Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Audit Support
  • Digitization, workflow setup and change management

Accounting Advisory | Accounting Health Check

Accounting Services plays an essential role in the organization as it helps in the assessment of the financial health of the company. Here we provide these services:

  • Incorporation, implementation & Review of Accounting System
  • Assistance in Bookkeeping Transaction Advisory and Book Closure process,
  • Review & Documentation

Accounting Health Check involves an overall evaluation of the company's accounting and financial aspect. A qualified professional would verify internal controls and complete data relating to accounting practices and accounting policies Accounting Health Check includes the following:

Review of Accounting policies and Accounting Procedures

We shall help create a well-structured and properly maintained accounting system with policies and procedures which increases the consistency and accountability of the organization. These accounting policies and procedures help in the creation and implementation of well-defined management and accounting in the organization and also in bench-marking with the industry

Review of Internal controls

We shall ensure that there is a Streamlined and Effective Internal Control system including Access Controls and Segregation of Duties. This shall help in prevention of frauds and results in increased reliability of the organization. This along-with accurate and proper accounting records andfinancial reporting form the basis of well- informed financial decision.

Process review vis-à-vis SOP's of the organisation and identification of gaps, if any and recommendations for changes

Periodic Review and Documentation Support

We shall assist in periodic review, ensure book closures, set up process for data storage and retrieval.

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